Filling of the lips with hyaluronic fillers

Lips play a very important role in the appearance of the face, and always has been the ideal of female beauty and sensuality.

To make lips look more beautiful and the way you want it, you need a little help, a professional person, and top unit of hyaluronic filler.

With the process of adding hyaluronic fillers to the lips the look of fresh pink lips, volume, beautiful shape and youthful appearance is achieved.

In addition to increasing the volume of the lips, with hyaluronic filler we can, also, achieve the following effects:


  • Rejuvenation of the lips
  • Hydrogenation lips
  • Correction of lip asymmetry
  • Contouring lips
  • Highlighting lines lips (popular)

The procedure itself is short-timed, painless and most importantly - a natural look is achieved, because the hyaluronic acid is already the composition of our organism, and there is no reason why it would be 'rejected' ' by the body. The procedure itself is short-timed, painless and most importantly - a natural, because the hyaluronic acid already is the composition of our organism, and there is no reason why the body would be 'rejected' '.


Treatment takes about 20 min. Before beginning of the work, the anesthetic is applied in the form of creams or injections. Hyaluronic is given with a thin needle, certain CCM depending on the wishes and needs of the client. After treatment the skin is swollen, red and mini bruises may appear that disappear after a day or two. It is not recommended to put makeup and other products until the skin is completely relaxed but you can continue with your daily activities.


Botox treatments are fast and leave almost no side-effects. The patient can return to her/his regular work and life routine immediately after the treatment. Patients can notice redness or a few swellings in the injected area but they usually pass in a day or two. Women can use their make-up to cover up the application areas.

After the first injection, effects last little bit lesser (6-9 months), but if you regularly maintain your facial skin it will last up to one year.

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