Chemical peels

Chemical peels are an efficient anti-aging treatments aimed at hydrating the facial and cleavage skin.

Nowadays peels are known as the procedure of '' cleaning and ironing '' various skin products based on soft or harsh abrasives, acids, preparation...

There are several types of peels, with various actions and effects.


Chemical peel is any kind of peeling that contains any of the following acids:

  • Glycolic acid (AHA)
  • Trichloroacetic (TCA)
  • Phenol (medical chemically peeling)


As well as facial scrubs which are acting with force which is not mechanical but a peeling on the basis of the natural products and made of the specific ingredients.

Chemical peeling or 'controlled burns'', is a procedure that should be done exclusively in cosmetic centers or clinics in the presence of qualified staff.

Treatment with fruit acids is the most common form of exfoliation.

The solutions applied on patient’s skin are meant to exfoliating the old skin, reduce fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth, wrinkle, age spot, freckles, and treat certain types of acne.

Chemical peel removes the layer of skin with wrinkles and fine lines that may be affected by sun damage to leave behind a fresh and smooth layer. If you’re suffering from acne, a chemical peel may be a valuable part of your treatment program. Lighter peels such as AHAs and glycolic acid peels are more appropriate for sensitive and acne-prone skin, and can help clear up inflammation and even acne scars after a few months of treatment.

Benefits of Chemical Peels:

  • Penetrate deep enough within the skin to remove the layer of darker skin, reduce the age spots and pigmentation, and even out the skin tone
  • Releasing the dead skin cells that reside on the face and leave the skin feeling smoother and appearing fresher in appearance
  • Your skin will be brighter and clearer as a chemical peel stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells and collagen production


Chemical peels are divided into:

  • surface
  • medium deep
  • deep

The depth of peeling that will be applied depends on the type and conditions of the skin, and therefore recovery is completely individual.

The best period for the application of chemical peels is, from October to April, due to sun rays that adversely affect the skin treated with acid.


  • face
  • hands
  • feet


Whatever type and condition of the skin you have, it is recommended to start the treatment with 30% of acid, as an introduction, and then increase the % of acid, which is later on decided by the person doing the treatment.

It would be best that the client uses creams or gels for washing based at lower grade acid-, two weeks prior to treatment, to keep his/her skin accustomed and easier submitted to the treatment.

Before the application of acid, degreasers of the skin are used and so called ‘preparations’ which prepare the skin for the application of lubrication acid. Depending on the preparation, it is necessary to neutralize the acid itself after the end of the operation (time depends on the type and condition of the skin), and then put the appropriate mask and finally a protective cream. Slight redness is normal after this procedure as well as flaking of the skin after a few days.

The treatment takes from 20 to 30 min.


The effects of the treatment are visible immediately after the first treatment, but it is usually not enough. It is recommended to repeat the treatment at intervals of 2 to 3 weeks, which in turn depends on the type and condition of the skin.

Side effects of chemical peels are mild tingling sensation during the treatment, redness of the skin which is temporary (after treatment), and peeling of the skin that lasts a day or two.

We can say that chemical peel is a skin rejuvenation approach, aimed to stimulate skin regeneration through natural process of skin exfoliations. Variety degrees of chemical solutions are customized for each patient, are applied to the skin, depending on dermatological needs.

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